Fall 2024  |  PUBH 6066 Section 001: Building Communities, Increasing Health: Preparing for Community Health Work (28762)

Class Component:
2 Credits
Grading Basis:
Student Option
Instructor Consent:
No Special Consent Required
Instruction Mode:
In Person
Enrollment Requirements:
PubH: Public Health or grad student
Times and Locations:
Regular Academic Session
09/03/2024 - 12/11/2024
Mon 05:45PM - 07:40PM
UMTC, East Bank
Phillips-Wangensteen Building 3-150
Enrollment Status:
Open (18 of 20 seats filled)
Also Offered:
Course Catalog Description:
Taught with Powderhorn-Phillips Cultural Wellness Center. Introduction to community building/organizing. Using culture as a resource for health, reducing barriers, identifying community assets, planning organizing strategy, understanding the impact of history. Emphasizes self-reflection and skill-building for authentic, grassroots community work.
Class Notes:
A full description of this course can be found at: http://www.sph.umn.edu/academics/syllabi/
Class Description:
The purpose of the course is to prepare you to make a contribution to the health of your own communities, as well as other communities, using asset-oriented, collaborative approaches. The course has three overarching themes that will help to prepare you for community work: cultural self-study, community building/community organizing, and working across culture. Course Goals and Objectives 1. Provide experience in living with ambiguity, and multiple "correct" answers or ways of thinking. 2. Understand that concepts like health, community, and development have a culturally determined definition and connotation. Describe applications of that understanding to community-based public health work. 3. Describe the role of public health workers in community organizing and community building. 4. Understand the effects of the historical relationships between cultural groups on intercultural interfacing. 5. Discuss the difference between asset-based and deficit-based approaches to community health. 6. Discuss potential barriers in community building and organizing, and how to overcome them. 7. Identify approaches communities take to solving problems. 8. Identify a range of public health issues lending themselves to community organizing/building approaches. 9. Develop a better understanding of yourself and your own community(ies). 10. Identify cultural self-study questions to walk with over time.
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30 August 2012

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