Fall 2019  |  PA 5928 Section 001: Data Management and Visualization with R (34973)

Class Component:
1 Credit
Grading Basis:
Student Option
Instructor Consent:
No Special Consent Required
Instruction Mode:
In Person Term Based
Times and Locations:
Regular Academic Session
10/08/2019 - 12/11/2019
Tue 09:45AM - 11:00AM
UMTC, West Bank
Hubert H Humphrey Center 85
Enrollment Status:
Open (25 of 29 seats filled)
Also Offered:
Course Catalog Description:
Introduction to R Studio software. Use of R Studio to carry out R file and related database management functions. Tools and techniques for data analysis and statistical programming in quantitative research or related applied areas. Topics include data selection, data manipulation, and data and spatial visualization (including charts, plots, histograms, maps, and other graphs). Prerequisite knowledge: Introductory statistics; ability to create bar graphs, line graphs, and scatter plots in MS Excel; and familiarity with principles of data visualization.
Class Notes:
Class Description:
This course is intended for students who are looking to improve their data analysis (including data management and visualization) skills with R programming language. The emphasis of the course will be on learning tools and techniques which are useful to students who will be doing data analysis and/or statistical programming in quantitative research or related applied areas.

Learning Objectives:

1. Use R Studio to carry out R file and related database management

2. Use R to work with different types of databases and conduct basic data management

3. Use R to visualize data with different types of plots

Class Format:
Meets once a week for ten weeks of the semester. About half of the class time is spent in lecture and the remaining for doing in-class exercise.

An in-class exercise will be assigned during each class for the students to practice what they have learned (each exercise is worth 6% of final grade);
Students will use the knowledge from this course to complete a final project (data analysis for an interested research question and write a short report which is no more than five pages about it, 30% of final grade).
Instructor Supplied Information Last Updated:
6 June 2019

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