What is ClassInfo?

ClassInfo is a comprehensive, mobile-friendly, searchable database of all classes offered at each of the five campuses of the University of Minnesota, combining information from the class schedule and the course catalog with personalized descriptions contributed by instructors for each individual class. In the yellow bar at the top of the page you will find a series of buttons that are described as follows:

Clicking on the Lookup button in the upper left of the page will show you a range of search options that you can choose from to find the classes you're interested in. Each drop-down list shows the options that make sense based on the combination of other options that have already been selected. For example, if you select "Duluth" the College drop-down will show only Duluth colleges, the Subject dropdown will show only subjects taught on the Duluth campus and the Instructor dropdown will show all instructors teaching classes during the selected term. If you then select "PHIL - Philosophy" from the list of subjects, the Instructor list will show only those instructors teaching PHIL classes for the chosen term.

In addition to the range of selections you can choose from, there is also a text search box that you can use to further refine the list of classes returned. For example, if you want to see a list of Public Affairs capstone classes, simply choose the "Twin Cities" from the Campus list, "PA - Public Affairs" from the Subject list, enter "Capstone" in the Class Text Search box and click on the "Go!" button.

This button shows this help text in a new tab/window.

You really should click on this and read the disclaimer about the accuracy of the information available in ClassInfo.

For now, this button is just for instructors, class proxies and department delegates only.  :(

After you've made your selections from the list of options, clicking on the Go! button will deliver the list of desired classes to you.


Peeking out from the lower right corner of the pages is the Schedule Viewer. After you've made your selections at the top of the page, the Schedule Viewer displays a weekly calendar that shows you exactly when each class meets during the week. We have plans for making the Schedule Viewer more than just eye candy and (if the stars and planets align) we're hoping to be able to add a feature to the Schedule Viewer that will make ClassInfo an even more indispensable tool. Stay tuned!

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