Spring 2022  |  AAS 3251W Section 001: Sociological Perspectives on Race, Class, and Gender (54995)

Class Component:
3 Credits
Grading Basis:
A-F or Audit
Instructor Consent:
No Special Consent Required
Instruction Mode:
In Person Term Based
Class Attributes:
UMNTC Liberal Education Requirement
Meets With:
SOC 3251W Section 001
Times and Locations:
Regular Academic Session
01/18/2022 - 05/02/2022
Tue, Thu 02:30PM - 03:45PM
UMTC, West Bank
Blegen Hall 250
Enrollment Status:
Closed (17 of 17 seats filled)
Also Offered:
Course Catalog Description:
In the midst of social unrest, it is important for us to understand social inequality. In this course we will analyze the impact of three major forms of inequality in the United States: race, class, and gender. Through taking an intersectional approach at these topics, we will examine the ways these social forces work institutionally, conceptually, and in terms of our everyday realities. We will focus on these inequalities as intertwined and deeply embedded in the history of the country. Along with race, class, and gender we will focus on other axes of inequality including sexuality, citizenship, and dis/ability. We will analyze the meanings and values attached to these social categories, and the ways in which these social constructions help rationalize, justify, and reproduce social inequality.
Class Description:
In this course, we examine race, class and gender as bases of identity, stratification, and inequality. We explore the social construction of our core concepts in the contemporary U.S., asking how they shape each of our lives, life-chances, and daily interactions. We will divide our time between lecture, small and large group discussion, and viewing segments of documentary films. This is a writing-intensive course, and students will be expected to do a good deal of formal and informal writing! Active participation in discussion and engagement with the ideas is a must. In this class, you will connect the concepts drawn from the materials to your OWN life experiences and thoughts about the world, and learn from the experiences and thoughts of OTHERS. In the first weeks of the class, we examine the Social Construction of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in American society. We then move to look at the workings of these concepts in different interpersonal and institutional settings, such as the Labor Force, Schools, the Family, the Criminal Justice System, understanding Violence, and the politics of Language. In the last week of the class we discuss individual and collective approaches to overcoming injustice.

60% Papers (3 papers, 20% each)

20% Final Exam

20% Class Participation

Exam Format:
1 exam, True/False and Short Answer
Class Format:
30% Lecture
20% Film/Video
50% Discussion
40 Pages Reading Per Week
1 Exam
3 Papers (8-10 pages each)
Instructor Supplied Information Last Updated:
30 September 2021

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