Summer 2020  |  POL 3810 Section 001: Topics in International Relations and Foreign Policy -- The International Relations of COVID19 (88209)

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3 Credits
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Student Option
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No Special Consent Required
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Completely Online
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Topics Course
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Regular Academic Session
06/08/2020 - 07/31/2020
Tue, Thu 09:00AM - 11:30AM
Off Campus
Virtual Rooms ONLINEONLY
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Open (19 of 25 seats filled)
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Topics courses delve in-depth into important issues in contemporary international politics. They aim to give students the theoretical, conceptual, and historical understanding, and/or empirical tools needed to understand the complexity of international politics today. Topics courses vary substantially from year to year as specified in the class schedule, but recent topics courses have included: 'Technology and War', International Law', 'Drones, Detention and Torture: The Laws of War', and 'The Consequences of War.'
Class Notes:
Class Description:
This course will consider various international aspects central to the commencement, continuation, and long- term consequences of the COVID19 pandemic. We will consider questions such as 1) What limitations do the World Health Organization and other international institutions face in responding to international public health crises? 2) What are the effects of the globalization of supply chains on how individual counties have responded to the pandemic? 3) To what extent is the increased role of cities and states in the US as taking the lead in the response mirrored globally? 4) What will the implications of the pandemic be for the relative international standing of the US and China? 5) What, if any, lessons and practices may emerge from the pandemic that could be applied to issues such as climate change?
In addition to pre-recorded lectures, one pillar of this course will be an ongoing simulation around the pandemic. Students will be assigned specific roles in specific countries or organizations. Each week, they will respond to a new set of challenges. Through lectures, discussion, written assignments, and simulation, students will take a deep dive into the international relations of COVID19.
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22 April 2020

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