Spring 2018  |  PA 5920 Section 001: Skills Workshop -- Stakeholder Analysis Tools (66585)

Class Component:
0.5 Credits
Repeat Credit Limit:
4 Credits
Grading Basis:
S-N only
Instructor Consent:
No Special Consent Required
Instruction Mode:
In Person Term Based
Class Attributes:
Topics Course
Times and Locations:
Regular Academic Session
Sat 08:00AM - 05:00PM
UMTC, West Bank
McNeal Hall 10
Enrollment Status:
Open (13 of 30 seats filled)
Also Offered:
Course Catalog Description:
Topics on public policy or planning skills. Topics specified in Class Schedule.
Class Notes:
http://classinfo.umn.edu/?munni001+PA5920+Spring2018 http://classinfo.umn.edu/?wust0002+PA5920+Spring2018
Class Description:

Students will use research-based planning tools to explore the importance of stakeholders in a day of hands-on analysis of a real-world case for a nonprofit client. This skills class includes an active workbook on Moodle that requires approximately six hours of pre-class work: case study briefing; excerpted readings; selection of one stakeholder from the online Moodle list (or students can creatively nominate a new stakeholder); research that stakeholder's interest in the case; contact the stakeholder for a phone or in-person interview using the Stakeholder Identification Interview Form downloaded from Moodle; by noon Wed. Feb. 1 post your completed Stakeholder Identification Interview Form that summarizes your stakeholder's interest in the case; and, before class, familiarize yourself with the Stakeholder Identification Forms filed by the other students in the class.

The Class Day will be spent in "serious play" with the client present, using four planning tools to learn how to identify, analyze and mobilize stakeholders. In keeping with the collegial spirit of stakeholder policy work, lunch will be provided by the instructors. The final paper will be a memorandum written for the Client with a completed Participation Planning Matrix that includes recommendations about how to involve at least one stakeholder in a strategy to accomplish the client's stated goal(s). It is intended that the experiences of this skills class will transfer to new ways of working that add value to graduate school coursework, professional jobs, and volunteer leadership and staff work.

50% participation in day-long workshop;
25% stakeholder analysis prior to workshop;
25% two-page memorandum written to the client after the workshop
Past Syllabi:
http://classinfo.umn.edu/syllabi/munni001_wust0002_PA5920_Spring2019.docx (Spring 2019)
http://classinfo.umn.edu/syllabi/munni001_PA5920_Spring2017.docx (Spring 2017)
Instructor Supplied Information Last Updated:
21 February 2018

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