Spring 2024  |  PA 5890 Section 003: Topics in Foreign Policy and International Affairs -- Global Indigenous Politics and Policy (67032)

Class Component:
3 Credits
Repeat Credit Limit:
15 Credits
Grading Basis:
A-F only
Instructor Consent:
No Special Consent Required
Instruction Mode:
In Person
Class Attributes:
Online Course
Topics Course
Enrollment Requirements:
Grad or Masters or Law
Times and Locations:
Regular Academic Session
01/16/2024 - 04/29/2024
Mon 06:00PM - 08:45PM
UMTC, West Bank
Hubert H Humphrey Center 15
Enrollment Status:
Open (11 of 15 seats filled)
Also Offered:
Course Catalog Description:
Selected topics.
Class Notes:
Title: Global Indigenous Politics and Policy. Professor Sheryl Lightfoot, new faculty member in the Global Policy area, will teach this class. This graduate seminar considers global, regional, and domestic issues for implementing Indigenous human rights, especially the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, focusing on public policy along with historical, political, and legal connections. We will examine the challenges and opportunities for Indigenous people at multiple levels of governance in various public policy frameworks, decisions and case studies, implementing Indigenous rights in international organizations, the intersections between law, politics, the environment, education and health, and the roles of non-governmental organizations as well as Indigenous communities and movements. Course objectives include: *Familiarize students with Indigenous human rights, the politics of Indigenous peoples' advocacy for their human rights as well as state, non-governmental organization (NGO), and international organizations' (IO's) advocacy related to Indigenous human rights, and the policies of states and international organizations in pursuing (or resisting) Indigenous human rights. *Introduce the global history and development of governmental policies related to Indigenous peoples and their rights. *Develop an understanding of the impacts of Indigenous human rights, policy advocacy, governance structures and their implementation in domestic, regional and global contexts. *Understand the importance of implementation for Indigenous peoples as well as the challenges surrounding implementation of policies to advance Indigenous peoples' human rights. http://classinfo.umn.edu/?slightft+PA5890+Spring2024
Class Description:
Student may contact the instructor or department for information.

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