Fall 2018  |  PA 5890 Section 002: Topics in Foreign Policy and International Affairs -- Political Violence, Conflict, and War (32348)

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3 Credits (5 Credits max.)
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Student Option
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No Special Consent Required
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In Person Term Based
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Topics Course
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Regular Academic Session
09/04/2018 - 12/12/2018
Mon 08:15AM - 11:00AM
UMTC, West Bank
Blegen Hall 135
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Open (11 of 16 seats filled)
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Selected topics.
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Class Description:
This course examines the causes, dynamics, and resolution of violent conflicts in the international system. Emphasizing contemporary conflicts, such as wars in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, and Turkey, the course addresses a wide range of policies aimed at preventing or revolving conflicts and rebuilding countries in the aftermath of violence. Course topics include: the impact of natural resources on conflict, climate change and conflict, terrorism, wartime sexual violence, counterterrorism and counterinsurgency, refugees, humanitarian intervention and peacekeeping, post-conflict justice, and the role of the International Criminal Court in addressing wartime atrocities.
25%: Class participation, including posting of weekly discussion questions online and contributions to in-class discussions

15%: Oral Presentation

20%: Short paper

40%: Final paper on a topic of the student's choosing

Class Format:
This course is primarily a discussion-based seminar. In general, the first class meeting each week will involve a focused discussion of a particular question related to the study of conflict -- for example, how do armed groups recruit individuals to participate in violent rebellion? The second class meeting each week will examine this question in greater detail through one or two case studies of contemporary conflicts, incorporating student presentations as well as small-group exercises.
Approximately 75 pages of reading per week; posting of weekly discussion questions online; oral presentation; two writing assignments -- one short paper due mid-semester and one longer paper (approximately 15 pages) due at the end of the semester.
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10 August 2018

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