Summer 2016  |  BIOL 3807 Section 001: Ecology (81437)

Class Component:
4 Credits
Grading Basis:
A-F or Audit
Instructor Consent:
No Special Consent Required
Instruction Mode:
In Person Term Based
Class Attributes:
Times and Locations:
Extended Regular Session
05/18/2016 - 06/20/2016
Mon, Thu 08:00AM - 05:00PM
Off Campus
Virtual Rooms ROOM-TBA
Course Catalog Description:
Population growth/interactions. Ecosystem function applied to ecological issues. Regulation of human populations, dynamics/impacts of disease, invasions by exotic organisms, habitat fragmentation, biodiversity. Lab, field work. prereq: [One semester college biology], [MATH 1142 or MATH 1271 or MATH 1281 or equiv]
Class Notes:
Meets 2 additional days TBA. Course meets at Itasca Biological Station & Laboratories, located approx. 220 miles from the Twin Cities in Itasca State Park. Lodging and meal costs are in addition to tuition (room and board total for 5 weeks $1,344.00). Please visit: for details. Non-University of Minnesota students please contact Laura Domine at or (612) 624-6743 for registration instructions.
Class Description:
We will explore principles of population growth, species interactions, and ecosystem functioning through a combination of field laboratories, lectures, and discussion of primary literature. Field laboratories will investigate aspects of terrestrial (prairie & forests) and aquatic (lakes, streams, wetlands) ecology.
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24 November 2009

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