Summer 2016  |  BIOL 1009 Section 001: General Biology (81483)

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No Special Consent Required
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In Person Term Based
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UMNTC Liberal Education Requirement
Times and Locations:
Regular Academic Session
06/13/2016 - 08/05/2016
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 05:00PM - 06:15PM
UMTC, East Bank
Molecular Cellular Biology 2-122
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Course Catalog Description:
Major concepts of modern biology. Molecular structure of living things, energy recruitment/utilization, flow of genetic information through organisms/populations. Principles of inheritance, ecology, and evolution. Includes lab. prereq: high school chemistry; 1 term college chemistry recommended
Class Description:
Biol 1009, General Biology, is a course for non-CBS majors seeking a broad survey of biology in a single semester. The course covers the major concepts and principles of contemporary biology and also provides the foundation needed to pursue further studies in the biological sciences. Topics include: structure and function of biological molecules, cell structure and function, energy recruitment and utilization, cellular reproduction, flow of genetic information through organisms and populations, principles of inheritance, evolution and ecology. If you are in pre-health sciences or another science major outside of CBS, you may need Biol 1009 to fulfill expectations of professional or graduate schools in your future.
34% Midterm Exam
21% Final Exam
10% Reports/Papers
25% Quizzes
10% Other Evaluation Other Grading Information: Unannounced lecture quizzes
Exam Format:
multiple choice lecture exams
Class Format:
65% Lecture
35% Laboratory
50 Pages Reading Per Week
3 Exam(s)
1 Paper(s)
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2 April 2010

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